a poem

as she walked

out onto the shores

of my soul,

the waves of my heartbeat

washed over her feet.


she looked up

at my face in the moon

as the stars in her eyes stared back

and spelled out


-"welcome home."

Starting Today

push yourself. Don’t become complacent with where you’re going, set goals you don’t think you can reach, but make a reasonable path to get there. That’s how I and you will both change our lives. 

A Positive Thought

A positive thought is a powerful thing, just as a negative thought. Waking up in the morning with a positive attitude can be the difference between having a good day or a bad day. Stunning ones for can have a domino effect in making someone’s entire day terrible, but keeping a positive mindset and choosing to remove the negativity and have positive thoughts causes you to emit positive energy. That energy will continue to push you to having a positive day, and this a positive life. Peace of mind begins with what’s between your ears, not what’s around you. Although life will test you to remain positive, you are the one who chooses how you feel about yourself, your day, and your life.