An artist statement is a very personal, difficult statement to give. It asks you to reflect on what it is you make, and why you make it. It asks you to give a short, simple few sentences that encompass your entire existence as an artist, which I don’t believe can be done. However, I can give some information that will help people try to understand what kind of illustrator I am. I grew up in the small town of Rockingham, North Carolina. Much of my early inspiration as a child came from cartoons and as I grew older, I continued to draw from these cartoons as well as flash tattoo art and street art. I attended UNC Charlotte from 2012-2017, working toward a BFA with an Illustration with a minor in Art History. My artistic process often involves finding music to fit whatever it is I’m painting or drawing before I begin working. I prefer to work in inks and watercolors, but I have experience using just about any medium. My style can range from colorful and flamboyant to simple and clean. To sum it all up, I really enjoy drawing, and because of that I’ve become pretty good at doing it for a living.

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Zachery Peele